It Takes a Team

We are entering Wedding Season. I always thought it was in June but nope. October is when the masses decide to say “I Do”, at least those couples who hire Heirloom LA. We are however doing weddings leading up to the craziness of fall matrimony so it’s a good thing we have our team intact!

Here’s Tad. Nothing is ever too heavy or too hot for him.

Then there’s Tal who makes sure we are all on point because the details matter.

And here’s Nick, a new addition to the circle of Those-Who-Make-It-Happen. On his first day working for us I nearly saw him get squashed to save a glass freezer from shattering to the ground. That’s the kind of commitment that ensures guests will be comfortable and happy, whatever it takes.

Most Weddings go off without a Hitch, but once in a while there are some fires to put out. We are very fortunate to have a have a team that is always at the ready.

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